15 days Best of Uganda

18 days Best of Uganda

May 4, 2022

Day 1 – Entebbe

On your entrance into Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport you will be ushered in by our representative and transferred for an overnight in BB to the hotel, at Cassia Lodge, Giraffe Park Hotel, Hotel Le Bougainviller. BB

Day 2 – The Source of the Nile

After a nutritious breakfast, you will head East wards to Jinja, city on the shores of Lake Victoria where you find the source of the Nile, discovered by J. Speke in 1864.

Optional recommended:

For funs of nature and water sports, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity for white water rafting along river Nile, one of the most magnificent, memorable and safest in the whole world. You may opt for among other activities, “quad” riding, boat cruise on the mighty Nile river, horse riding, and mountain bike cycling. Lunch inclusive.
Tour Bujagali Falls, the rapids on river Nile which are a trinkling of an eye from the source. Continue to Mount Elgon at Sipi Falls, for  a delicious dinner and an overnight at the accommodation of your preference. Such as Lacam Lodge, Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa, Sipi falls Lodge, Sipi Travellers Lodge, etc. Full Board
Note: we advise our clients to book in advance the optional activities enlisted above.

Day 3 – The Sipi Falls trekking

After an aromatic and delectable early morning breakfast, you will have  a trip through the Sipi Falls, distinguished by four amazing and splendid falls along river Sipi, rolling down Mount Elgon. The area is indeed scenic with view of the Karamoja valley. The activity will lead you through the routine life of a distinct African village.  After being served with a delicious African lunch in the afternoon, progress with the trip to Lira city, one of the prominent areas of the Acholiland, in the direction to Kidepo National Park. Dinner and overnight at Lira Hotel, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Adere Safari Lodge. Full Board. All these accommodations cater for everyone’s taste of preference.

Day 4 – Kidepo Valley National Park

Being done with an early nutritious breakfast, the trip progresses Northwards to Kidepo Valley National Park. This park derives its name from   the river crossing this region at the border between Sudan and Kenya. This is one of the most virgin, pure wild places still in existence in Africa. Lunch in transit. Dinner and overnight at UWA bandas(E) or Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp (C). The bandas are modest however, enjoyable, with hot water and principal modern amenities. Generally, the touch and immersion in the nature of the park is a guarantee. Full Board.
Note: Currently transfer is very long through the dirt roads of Karamoja; however, there is a possibility of changing the accommodation to Savannah Safari Lodge or Apoka Safari Lodge or any other accommodation deemed fit with a supplement.

Day 5 – Kidepo Valley National Park

After an aromatic and tasty breakfast enjoy photographic game drives along the trails of the National park and anticipate for unforgettable experience of the region of river Narus valley. Kidepo comprises of one of the most spectacular faunas incomparable to any Ugandan National park, with more than 85 species of mammals various of which  are restricted only to Kidepo, these include; cheetah, striped hyena, black backed jackal, bat eared fox and caracal. The bird list boasts over 475 species, such as pygmy falcon, tawny eagles, ostriches, etc. For the exception of the game drive, on request a tour to the local Karimojong homesteads or “manyattas” may be arranged. Full board and an overnight at  Apoka Safari Lodge, Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp (C), Adere Safari Lodge or UWA bandas (E). Full Board.

Day 6 – Kidepo – Kitgum

After a delicacy breakfast, last game activity in Kidepo National Park. Progress in the direction of Murchison Falls National Park, this is Uganda’s largest National Park. Murchison Falls National Park is remarkably distant from Kidepo N. P so it requires an additional  stopover in between.  In transit lunch. Reach   in the afternoon in Kitgum, overnight and dinner dinner  at Acaki Lodge or Cactus or Pleasant View Hotel or Bomah Hotel. Full Board

Day 7 – Kitgum – Murchison Falls National Park

After a healthy breakfast, transfer to Murchison Falls national park with lunch on the way in Gulu. The initial photographic safari is conducted in the afternoon as you set foot in from the Northern entrance of the park. Overnight and dinner at  Simbiya River Lodge or Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge (C) Twiga Safari Lodge or Red Chilli Rest Camp (E) or Grassroots Cottages &Tours or Murchison River lodge. Full Board
Note: Currently transfer is long, about 7 – 8 hours drive on dirt roads.

Day 8 – Murchison Falls National Park

After a nourishing breakfast, you will set off for an early morning game drive to adventure the savannah in the Northern bank of the Nile. Amongst the series of mammals in the jungle, you might view; buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions, oribis, waterbucks, Kobus  ellipsiprymnus defassa bushbucks, spotted hyenas, leopards, Warthogs, crocodiles and so many more. Head back to the lodge for a nutritious and delicious lunch. In the afternoon, engage in yet another mesmerizing safari of boat cruise along the scenic river Nile to the bottom of the Murchison Falls which will leave you amazingly surprised! The magnificent concentration of wildlife at the banks of river Nile, including the numerous resident crocodiles and hippos, in addition to a magnitude of birds species such as Grey Crowned Cranes, Black- headed Gonolek, African Jacana, Denham’s bustard, etc . The Safari will be concluded by the hiking to the “brim of the falls”, where the river Nile creates a deep  wide gorge of thunderous water large only 8 meters and it drops for over 45 meters. Experience this memorable nature and the rainbow from the Nile waters. Overnight and dinner at Simbiya River Lodge or Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge (C) Twiga Safari Lodge or Red Chilli Rest Camp (E) or Grassroots Cottages &Tours or Murchison River lodge. Full Board.

Day 9 – Albertine Rift Valley and Fort Portal

After an aromatic and healthier breakfast you quit the National Park moving southwest along the Rift Valley escarpment and Lake Albert, with magnificent extensive landscape that will not allow your memory forget them. Move through Hoima the Cardinal Town of Bunyoro kingdom, known amongst the oldest in Uganda. Stop over for an aromatic cup of coffee and a delicious local prepared lunch in transit. Head to Fort Portal the capital town of Tooro kingdom which is situated in the rain shadow of Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon), the highest mountain range in Uganda. Dinner and overnight at The Elephant Home, Nyinabulitwa Country Resort, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Tembo Safari Lodge, Primate Lodge. Full Board.

Note: Today transfer is about 7 / 8 hours drive, through dirt road and the conditions are variable according to the rains.

Day 10 – Kibale National Park – Queen Elizabeth National Park

With a delectable breakfast served, today you move on for a nature walk in Kibale Forest National Park for adventuring the rain tropical forest, bird watching and importantly as you encounter the amazing chimpanzees in their natural environment. Other apes that are  likely to be viewed include; Blue and red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus, red tailed monkey, The savanna-dwelling patas monkey and velvet monkey. After a nutritious lunch, the trek through Uganda progresses to the “Mightyl” of the national parks, Queen Elizabeth, which lies between Lake Edward on the West, Lake George on the East and the Rwenzori Mountains on the North. Enjoy a game drive in the evening as you get into the park.  Overnight and dinner from Parkview safari Lodge, Nyinabulitwa Country Resort, Mweya Safari Lodge, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Tembo Safari Lodge, Primate Lodge, Hippo Hill Camp.  Full Board.

Day 11 – Queen Elizabeth National Park

After an aromatic and nutritious cup of coffee, head for a game drive adventure along the tracks of the national park, in the Northern side towards Lake George and Kasenyi village. You have an opportunity of viewing; Ugandan Kobs, elephants, Lions, buffaloes, Topi, spotted hyenas, Warthogs, waterbucks, giant forest hog, possibly the leopards though are timid and rarely seen. Delicious Lunch. In the afternoon, take the most interesting and exciting safari boat cruise from Mweya peninsula along Kazinga channel, one of the most pronounced sites in Uganda for its great collection of wildlife, bird’s life and great opportunities for magnificent photographs. Moreover, you will view abundance of crocodiles, hippos, Giraffes, buffaloes, Zebras and elephants while drinking from the channel. Late in the day you move in for yet another min- game drive and try out your chance. Overnight and dinner from Parkview safari Lodge, Nyinabulitwa Country Resort, Mweya Safari Lodge, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Tembo Safari Lodge, Primate Lodge, Hippo Hill Camp.

Day 12 – Ishasha – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

After a healthy breakfast the exploration experience of the park resumes in the Southern section of Queen Elizabeth, Ishasha section. Enjoy  a game drive and look out for the “tree climbing lions” which are often viewed during the hot hours of the day, as they lie resting on top of Fig trees. Watch numerous herds of antelopes, buffaloes, elephants, topi and more. Lunch. Proceed where you will experience hot and humid conditions of the tropical rain forests which are the natural habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas.  Bwindi Park’s relief ranges from  1160m – 2607m above sea level. The preference of the area of the “gorilla expedition” depends on the availability and allocation of the permits for this activity. Enter  in Bwindi National Park for an overnight and dinner, Icumbi Gorilla Lodge, Bwindi Engagi Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Nkuringo Safari Lodge (C) or Trackers Safari Lodge or Buhoma Community Rest Camp, Bwindi Guest House, Chameleon Hill Lodge. Full Board

Note: Currently transfer is variable, basing on the location of the gorilla permits and road conditions. In instances where the tracking is planned in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park, this will be notified in advance.

Day 13 – Mountain gorilla expedition

Having done with an early morning aromatic breakfast, you will enter the tropical rain forest of Bwindi for the gorilla expedition. This interesting activity commences at about 8am where you will move the ranger guides in a group of not more than 8 people as you look out for the habituated family of mountain gorillas, which was assigned according to the permits. Uganda is home to more than half the world’s 1004 or more mountain gorillas as of May 2018 and Bwindi National Park houses a remarkable number of mountain gorillas. It is unpredictable the time you will consume to encounter the gorillas. You will spend a wonderful and joyful full hour with these humble people loving mammals which will mesmerize you greatly, while taking great pictures that will aid you for a great memorable experience. Make it a point to have a backup lunch meal ( packed lunch and water) with you in the bag, in case support is needed  shall be accorded. In the evening, transfer to Lake Bunyonyi, for a magnificent and spectacular scenery, for an overnight and dinner at Birdnest @Bunyonyi Resort, Arcadia Cottages or Capricon Executive Hotel or Heritage Lodge or Rushaga Gorilla Camp or Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort or Byoona Amagara Island Retreat, Broadbill Forest Camp, etc. Full Board.

Day 14 – Lake Bunyonyi – Lake Mburo National Park

After a delectable breakfast, enjoy one of the most exceptional wildlife and birding adventure by boat cruising and riding as you cross the Lake Bunyonyi. The scenic forested green islands on the lake, most significant ones including; Akampene(punishment island), Bushara, Kyahugye, Bwama, Bucuranuka,  etc  are home to different species of endemic birds which the guide will help you to identify and glance at!!  Nutritious and healthy Lunch in Kabale in the Kigezi region, which is famously referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa” characterized by terraced cultivated hills, regular cold conditions.  While in this area, a sense of traditional culture is witnessed during the community walks, since one gets stop overs at Bakiga cultural museum as well as the blacksmith sites. For  further cultural adventures one can tour the village of Bufuka for Batwa and Bakiga experiences. In the afternoon progress to Lake Mburo National Park, the smallest of Ugandan National Parks. As you enter, go for game drive in search for the scenic zebras, giraffes, Silver galago, Impalas, banded mongoose, elands, topi, several antelopes, buffaloes, waterbucks and so may more. Dinner and overnight at  Leopard Rest Camp – Mburo Safari lodge – Mihingo Lodge (C) – Eagle’s Nest – Pals Panache Splendors or Arcadia Cottages Mburo (E). Full Board

Day 15

With the final game drive in the Mburo National park, the Safari winds up back to Entebbe. A delicious and unforgettable Lunch in Transit. Reserved for departure from Entebbe International Airport. Half Board

Possible extensions:

3 days to Ssese Island Bugala Island (Day 15 – 16 – 17 – 18)
1 day Ngamba Island and Entebbe (first or last day)
1 day Semliki National Park (after day 8 or 9)
4 to 7 days trekking in Rwenzori Mountains
1 day trekking Muhavura mountain Virunga


Day 15 – Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria

After a healthy and nutritious breakfast, head to Entebbe and board the ferry boat to the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria. On entrance into Bugala Island and Lutoboka bay, the representative of the preferred booked accommodation will be available to warmly usher you in. Late snack and dinner at Victoria Forest Resort or Mirembe Resort Beach or Brovad Sands Lodge or related. Full Board

Day 16 – Explore Ssese Islands

After breakfast and briefing from the guide, the accommodation management will organize for you an entire day tour by boat to explore other numerous magnificent islands within Lake Victoria islands. You will make several breaks to enable you watch series of birds,erosional features like; caves, stacks, etc and forested islands. A backup lunch( Packed lunch and water) should be planned for as well as sun cream protection, hat and repellent. Later in the day, get back to Bugala for an overnight and dinner at Victoria Forest Resort or Mirembe Resort Beach or Brovad Sands Lodge or related. Full Board

Day 17 – On the beach at Bugala Island

This day you are at liberty to relax on the sandy beach and enjoy swimming on the shores of LakeVictoria. However, you may opt for a selection amongst the several optional activities offered by your chosen accommodation, such as cycling, sport fishing, and nature walk to adventure other areas of the islands and the rock caves. Full board at Victoria Forest Resort or Mirembe Resort Beach or Brovad Sands Lodge or related.

Day 18 –

After serving a delicious and healthy breakfast you board the ferry boat back to Entebbe. Reserved to the transfer to the International Airport.

Optional: if you have still the time, drive to Kampala for visiting handicraft markets, as well as visiting the cultural sites like Kasubi royal tombs or the art galleries.

The tariff includes:
– Airport transfers
– Full board accommodation

– Ground transportation by 4×4 tourist Land Cruiser or minibus
– English speaking Driver/Guide
– Gorilla and chimpanzee permits
– Entrance fees, taxes

– Water on board

The tariff does not include:
– Air ticket.
– Tourist insurance/ local health insurance
– Entrance visas: Uganda 50 USD directly from Entebbe Int. Airport

– Optional activities, ex. rafting 125 USD

– Drinks and tips.Uganda

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